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My Work


Fiction  Short  Film 


A nine year-old boy tries to complete a school test while his mind travels to a deeper world.

If I lose my mind


Documentary  Short Film 


The daily routine of a simple man trapped in a psychiatric hospital serves as a reflection for the director in this documentary, who wonders as an observer what would happen if she lost her mind.

Tehran Blues


Documentary  Full Feature Film   


Nominación GOYA 2022

Iran is presented as a country with many different faces where tradition and modernity coexist and come face to face. Through music and its people, our main character, Erfan, guides us to discover an unknown but sophisticated country.

Wind Mills

Art Director

Fiction Full Feature Film


After going down the wrong paths to achieve her goal in life, Eva discovers that her gift is to encourage others' talents. It is her way of understanding the world... although the world does not seem to understand her.

An elephant on a spiderweb


Documentary Full Feature Film


A filmmaker in his seventies feels his death is approaching. He wants to laugh about life in what will become his last film. To do so, he will approach a 108 year-old woman with a great desire to die.



Doriam Alonso studied in Cuba at Instituto Superior de Artes of Havana (ISA) and Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV). She also studied film at the Art Institute Miami International University of Arts and Design (AI). In 2017, Doriam moved from the United States to Valencia, Spain.

She has directed a couple of short films. Her latest one, F was selected at festivals such as Los Angeles Short Film Festival and Austin Film Festival. With this short film she won the jury prize at the Veracruz Film Festival, Mexico.


In Valencia, she has worked as a screenwriter for the production company Quatre Films, in feature films such as An Elephant on the Web and Blues for Tehran, actual nominación a los GOYA 2022. In Miami, she has worked with Robert Colom for Filmes Conéme developing her feature film Orphan Motherland, a USA and Cuba coproduction.


Doriam also worked as an educator. She created an educational film program curriculum called Action Kids, designed to teach children how to make a movie from a very early age. 



Email: doriam_alonso@yahoo.com
Tel: (34) 688 966 345
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